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Terms and conditions for participation

General terms and conditions for prize draws

Participation in the prize draws of TLL The Longevity Labs GmbH, hereinafter “the Organizer”, is free of charge and subject to the general terms and conditions for participation as well as the relevant terms and conditions for the respective prize draw as disclosed separately.

1. General information

Participation is only possible within the specified participation period. Submissions received after the closing date will not be considered in the draw. Only one application for the prize draw per participant is accepted for participation. Participation in the prize draw is free of charge.

2. Eligibility

All natural persons who have attained the age of 18 are eligible to participate in the prize draw. Participation is not restricted to the Organizer’s customers and does not require purchasing any goods or services. Participants with limited legal capacity must obtain the consent of their legal representative to participate. Any person involved in planning and implementing the prize draw, the Organizer’s employees and their family members are excluded from participating.

3. Prize

Information on the actual prize, notification and transmission of the prize will be given with each individual prize draw.

4. Execution of the draw, notification and transmission of the prize

Information on the duration and the execution of the prize draw are clearly indicated for each prize draw. After the closing date, the winner is determined in a draw among all participants. To participate in the draw, all participants must fulfil the criteria for participation. Winners of the draw will be informed about the prize they won promptly. Prizes are only handed out to the actual winner or their legal representative. It is generally not possible to exchange the prize, to pick it up in person or to request a payout in cash. The Organizer will only cover the costs for shipping the prize within Austria and Germany. Any additional costs associated with claiming the prize are payable by the winner. It is the sole responsibility of the winner to pay any taxes incurred due to the acceptance of the prize.

5. Acceptance of the prize

The winner is informed about the prize they won by a message sent by the Organizer. Receipt of this notification of winning the prize is the only title for claiming the prize. If the winner does not accept the prize after two repeated requests to do so within a deadline of 3 weeks, they will forfeit their title to claim the prize and the prize can be transferred to another participant in the draw.

It is the participant’s responsibility to provide the Organizer with their correct contact data. The prize is transferred personally to the winner.

6. Termination of the prize draw

The Organizer reserves the right to terminate the prize draw without prior notice and without giving reasons. This particularly applies to any reasons which would disrupt or prevent the proper execution of the prize draw.

The Organizer is entitled to exclude any participants from the prize draw who attempt to or do manipulate the participation process or the prize draw and/or violate the rules for the draw and/or who provide the Organizer with incorrect personal information.

7. Data protection related declaration of consent

Participation in the prize draw requires the disclosure of personal data. Participants must confirm the truthfulness and correctness of the information they provide for their own person, particularly their first and last name and their e-mail address.

The Organizer declares that no personal data entered by the participants will be disclosed to third parties or left at their disposal without the consent of the participants.

Any participant winning the prize draw agrees to allow the Organizer to publish their name and their place of residence in the advertising material used by the Organizer. This includes announcing the winner on the Organizer’s website and the Organizer’s accounts on social medial platforms.

The participants have the right to revoke their consent in writing at any moment by sending a notification to: [email protected]. After revoking their consent, the personal data collected and saved for the participant will be deleted without delay.

For further details please refer to: Privacy Policy.

8. Facebook disclaimer

There is no connection to Facebook for any of the activities and none of the activities is sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook.

9. Applicable law

Questions and complaints with regard to the respective prize draw must be addressed to the Organizer. You can find the contact details in the legal notice on spermidinelife.com. All prize draws organized by the Organizer are subject to Austrian law exclusively. There is no legal recourse.

10. Severability clause

If any of the provisions in these terms and conditions is or becomes invalid or unenforceable as a whole or in part, the remaining provisions in these terms and conditions for participation shall remain in full force and effect. The invalid provision shall be replaced by legally valid provision which comes closest to the economic purpose and intend expressed in the original invalid provision. The same applies for omissions found in the terms and conditions for participation.