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Study advises against fasting during viral diseases
In general, (intermittent) fasting has many positive effects on our body, as it activates autophagy, and thus cell renewal.
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Boosting Immune Defense with Spermidine
Currently, many of us suffer from viral infections. Especially with increasing age, our body often needs longer to fight viruses as our immune system weakens.
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Latest study shows: Spermidine protects our brain
A new study of the Fujian Medical University shows that spermidine has a protective and regenerative effect on our brain.
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Nobel Prize for Research on the Cellular Recycling Program
Japanese cell biologist and Nobel Prize laureate Yoshinori Ohsumi on his research contributing to an extended understanding of autophagy.
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Spermidine and the Circadian Rhythm
A new study shows how spermidine effects the circadian rhythm.
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Graz99ers rely on spermidineLIFE®
New sponsor for the Graz99ers. Longevity Labs supports the Styrian ice hockey stars with 200 monthly packages of spermidineLIFE®.
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Spermidine and the Fatty Liver
New research findings on spermidine treatment of NAFLD mice.
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Spermidine in the Blood of the Nearly Immortal Naked Mole-Rat
A guest article by Prof. Frank Madeo on the remarkable naked mole-rat and its anomaly to break with the laws of biology.
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Hannes Androsch invests in Longevity Labs
With spermidineLIFE®, a Longevity Labs innovation, a high-dose product containing spermidine premieres for the first time on the global market. Former Austrian Finance Minister Dr. Hannes Androsch has been found as an investor.
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