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I’ll walk my own way. Why walking is so healthy.
Following our own path is not only metaphorically good for us. We should all walk more often - be it to the office, to a meeting with friends or just to have some time for yourself during a busy day. Regular walking is healthy for our cells because endurance sports have a rejuvenating effect. So, let's go!
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Your glass is half empty? Time for a refill.
Water is portrayed as a fountain of youth and yet we often don’t drink enough of it. But how much water per day should we pour ourselves and what happens to our cells if we don’t drink enough of it?
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Refresh your cells.
We can feel it – the summer is coming. The sun is shining, trees and flowers are blooming and some people are already wearing bikinis on their balconies, trying to catch a tan. Going outside and spending some time in the nature makes us feel fresh and healthy.
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Thank you, dear day
Mindfulness is on everyone's lips - and we are also talking about it today. Especially in times of crisis, it is the little things that count. We have a simple tip on how to give them more importance again - page by page.
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The hype about running.
So, how's it going, eh I mean, how’s it running? That's what we asked Bernadette, who picked up jogging during the Corona crisis. We already know that jogging is supposed to be a rejuvenating cure and is healthy anyway, but running has other health benefits too.
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Nobel Prize for Research on the Cellular Recycling Program
Japanese cell biologist and Nobel Prize laureate Yoshinori Ohsumi on his research contributing to an extended understanding of autophagy.
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