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CelVio Complex
Question: What is the CelVio Complex all about?
The CelVio Complex is the heart of our spermidineLIFE®️ innovations. Cel is for "Cella" (the cell) and Vio for "going or traveling" meaning the path or life cycle of the cell. But what is so special about our CelVio Complex?
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Fasting for Health – Part 1
For centuries, lent is an important part of human traditions. What you may not know is that the benefits of fasting for our health are very far-reaching. It cleanses our body, strengthens our mind and supports our cells.
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The Macro Influence of Our Skin and Gut Microbiota
The name of the microbiota—of our skin and gut flora—may seem misleading since it actually has a major influence on the aging process of our cells. What can you do to protect your cells? We’ll tell you.
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Dr. Frank Madeo
Our Member of the Advisory Board: Prof. Dr. Frank Madeo, Spermidine Research Pioneer
Prof. Dr. Frank Madeo is a pioneer in spermidine research and a member of the scientific advisory board. Here we present you his exciting story.
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Immunzellen Countdown
3, 2, 1 – The Fact Countdown About Immune Cells
For the upcoming New Year’s Eve, we’re counting a countdown with you. But not just any countdown: For the end of the year, we have a cell countdown for you with a bang and 10 facts about immune cells. Let’s go!
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Autophagie auslösen
Autophagy and Its Triggers—Supporting Our Body’s Own Cell Recycling Program
Nature is good at recycling waste products. So is our body. It has its very own program for our cells: autophagy. It reuses the waste of our cells and makes sure that old cells renew themselves. Autophagic activity decreases as we age—but we can support our body's recycling program with targeted measures.
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Gute Laune Immunsystem
Why smiling strengthens the immune system
Positive emotions like cheerfulness and enthusiasm enhance the effectiveness of your body’s defenses, whereas worries and absorbing yourself in negative thoughts diminish the efficiency of the immunocompetent cells. Since the mind-body interaction is that strong, we can create a big, positive impact with a little thing: a smile.
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Balance im Alltag
3 Tips for inner balance and strong immunocompetent cells
Balance is a brilliant word. It tells us exactly what health is: a state between too much and not enough. However, we tend to have too much stress and too little recovery. We are quite aware that being under constant stress doesn’t aid our wellbeing, but did you know that this imbalance directly affects your immune system?
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Longevity Labs+ Geschäftsführer Herbert Pock
Taking A Closer Look: Our Management
How did we successfully evolve from a start-up to an award-winning industry leader within a few years? Among others, it was thanks to graduate engineer Herbert Pock, one of our Managing Directors and co-founder of Longevity Labs+. Today, we’re lifting the veil for you again and have asked him for an interview.
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