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Longevity Labs+

Scientific knowledge translated into everyday life.

With spermidineLIFE® we have set ourselves the goal of translating scientific knowledge into natural solutions for the challenges of everyday life. It is our vision to accompany your active and self-determined life through our products.

Renewal begins with our cells, within ourselves. We now have the opportunity to make decisions for a healthy life every day. This message, which supports our claim to the highest scientific standards, is reflected in the daily work at Longevity Labs+.


Longevity Labs+

The Team

Who are we?

We are researchers, entrepreneurs and creative minds with a shared passion for science. We want to translate the knowledge of science into everyday solutions with the help of our steadily growing team.

Nature is our role model; we develop products that stimulate natural processes in our bodies.

The Longevtiy Labs+ locations across Graz and Vienna and our cooperation with the University of Graz, offer us the ideal conditions for research, development and in-house production.

What is important to us?

Science is our passion. It is complex, it is constantly evolving and it drives us to do the same. More than 100 research teams worldwide are conducting research on spermidine and even more on cell functions in general. We aspire to keep learning and continue developing ourselves and our products together with the science of the times.

Gerald Sitte, PhD.
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Herbert Pock
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Vedran Bijelac
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Christina Lang
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Nico Teuschler
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Join our team.

Are you inspired by our vision, have an affinity with science, want to help shape the major health issues and are you looking for a new and exciting challenge? Then you are right with us!