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Scientific findings translated into your everyday life.

With spermidineLIFE® ,we have set ourselves the goal of translating scientific findings into natural solutions for the challenges of your everyday life. Our vision is to support you through an active and self-determined life.

Renewal begins with our cells. Renewal begins within us. We firmly believe we have everyday opportunities to take decisions that will lead us to a healthy life.

This mission, shaped by our dedication to the highest level of scientific excellence, reflects our daily work.

The team.

We translate science into everyday solutions.

We are scientists, entrepreneurs, strategists and creative minds. We are a growing and dynamic team dedicated to developing sustainable health solutions.

Our locations in Graz and Vienna, Austria, offer our team the ideal conditions for research, development and on-site production.

Dr. Gerald Sitte
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DI Herbert Pock
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Vedran Bijelac, MSc
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Christina Lang
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Nico Teuschler, MSc MA
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Scientific advisory board

International experts.

We have challenged the best scientists and gerontologists with our vision. Therefore, we are supported by an internationally renowned advisory board. It’s task is to critically question our work and support us with ideas and expertise.

In sustainable research and development of natural substances to improve general health, we have found a common goal.

The members of our advisory board represent various fields of medicine and science. With their experience and expertise, they support us in driving innovation forward.

Prof. Dr. Lorenzo Galluzzi One of the world’s most cited young researchers
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Prof. Dr. Guido Kroemer Worldwide most cited autophagy researcher
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Prof. Dr. Frank Madeo
Has discovered spermidine as an autophagy trigger
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Prof. Dr. Rainer Oberbauer
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Prof. Dr. Thomas Pieber
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Prof. Dr. Stephan Sigrist
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Prof. Dr. Peter Valent
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Building trust.

We place great importance on our product’s high-quality as well as personal advice from doctors, pharmacists and health specialists. We consider the dissemination of scientific accomplishments and comprehensive information as key to a new understanding of general health.

Together with our partners, we would be pleased to inform you about all news concerning spermidineLIFE® as well as our fields of research, spermidine and autophagy. Science must be transparent. Transparency leads to trust.


Become part of our team.

You are inspired by our vision, you have an affinity for science, you want to help tackle the big health issues and you are looking for a new exciting challenge? Then come join our team!