The science on spermidine and autophagy

On aging.

Healthy aging, prevention, anti-aging and longevity are in the focus of society and thus in the focal point of our research. The secrets of aging may not be completely deciphered for a long time to come. However, with latest findings of scientific researches, we gain substantial insights that point towards one capital factor: The cells play a key role. Especially cell renewal, or namely – autophagy.


The cell. The building block of life.

A flawless cell operation is essential for keeping us healthy. When cells grow old and stop functioning, we become more susceptible to diseases.

An unhealthy lifestyle weakens the proper functions of our cells. However, science is demonstrating that aged, damaged cells can regenerate and rejuvenate themselves through autophagy.

The aging of cells is a natural process.

spermidineLIFE® grants you an opportunity to renew yourself. Shaping your life is your choice.


Aging is a natural given in life.
Shaping your life, however, is up to you.


Autophagy. How renewal works.

The evolutionary process of autophagy is a cell recycling program, whereby the cell can metabolize old, damaged or useless cell components and generate energy from it. New components are formed, old and defective materials are disposed of.

Autophagy is the central cellular process enabling us experience the longest phase of life in a self-determined and healthy way.

The importance of autophagy in biomedicine has been recognized to the extent that Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2016 for his extended understanding of this vital cellular mechanism.

Activation of autophagy.

Fasting is the most natural way to induce autophagy. The lack of energy due to reduced food consumption makes our cells resort to alternative energy sources such as damaged cell components.

Yet there is an alternative: Spermidine.

Spermidine is the only known natural, endogenous substance that has the ability to trigger autophagy.



Consistent and continuous fasting is the most natural way to induce cell renewal. Due to our current and rather stressful life circumstances, it is not always feasible to fast and thus activate the mechanisms of autophagy. Moreover, doctors advise the following groups of people against fasting:

  • Persons of advanced age
  • Persons with cardiovascular problems
  • Underweight persons



Spermidine is an endogenous polyamine which is present in every single body cell.

The human body is indeed capable to produce spermidine by itself, but as we age the production levels decrease drastically, thus giving our cells less spermidine for inducing autophagy.

Spermidine is, however, also available in fruits, vegetables and even cheese and meat. As a matter of fact, our body synthesizes around 1/3 of the spermidine it needs, the rest is absorbed through food and dietary supplements.

Spermidine – whether produced in our body or ingested through food – is the only known natural and endogenous substance able to trigger autophagy.

Research. Life and aging.

Following the revolutionary research taking place at the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz, Austria, spermidine has gained worldwide attention in recent years.

Around 100 international research teams are investigating the polyamine. In spite of the short scientific research attention, there are few substances in the world being researched and analyzed as intensively as spermidine has been.

Research plays the most central role both in our daily work and in our strategic orientation. This ensures that our ongoing product development is based on the latest scientific findings.